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Production Flow of Egg Tray Production Line


A complete egg tray plant includes 3 parts: pulp making part, egg tray molding part and egg tray drying part. 

Paper pulp making part:

Feed clean water into the pulp making machine, and also put proper weight of waste paper inside the pulp making machine. And color dye can be added as well simultaneously.

The waste paper pulp stays 20~40 minutes inside the pulper, depending on paper fibre, and then pumped into vibrating screener. Water is added during the screening for pulp dilution. The impurities such as nails, metal pieces, plastic films, etc will be removed.

Egg tray molding part:

Start the egg tray forming machine and pump the pulp inside.

Start the vacuum pump for vacuum production, and water for vacuum pump operation should be clean and circulated. The water separated by the vacuum pump from the forming machine will flow to the pulp pool for another circulation.

For each time of egg tray forming, water will be sprayed out from the cleaning machine to clean the molds.

Egg tray drying part:

For each time of egg tray forming, the transfer moulds move wet trays to steel mesh for sunlight drying, or into the chain converyor which will enter the drying tunnel. There are two types of drying tunnel: multi-layer type and single layer type.

The above three parts make a whole egg tray production line.

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