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5000pcs/hour Automatic Paper Egg Tray Machine

5000pcs/hour Automatic Paper Egg Tray Machine

Automatic Paper Egg Tray Machine is used to make egg trays and boxes, with waste paper as raw material. Egg Tray Machine can also make trays for fruits, bottles and other kinds of packaging products.

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5000pcs/hour Automatic Paper Egg Tray Machine

We are an egg tray machine company, making Auomatic Paper Egg Tray Machine to produce egg trays and cartons as well as other products like fruit trays or bottle trays.

Raw material is waste paper, like cardboard, cartons, books, newspaper, etc..

It is a green way for recycling waste paper.

To make paper egg trays with an egg tray machine, below are the processes: 

1. Process of Making Paper Pulp

Step 1: Put waste paper and water in the paper pulp making machine for crushing and mixing to make paper pulp.

Then the pulp will be stored in a pulp storage pond.

Step 2: The paper pulp in the storage pond is released into a pulp homogenizing pond and homogenized until the density of the paper pulp is made suitable for making egg trays.

Machines Used in this Process:

Paper Pulp Making Machine, Pulp Pump, Pulp Pond Agitator, Sewage Pump


2. Process of Moulding Paper Egg Trays

Step 1: With a pulp pump, the paper pulp is supplied to the Egg Tray Making Machine, and then the paper pulp will be molded into egg trays on the egg tray forming moulds.

Step 2: The egg trays on the egg tray forming moulds are transferred by the transfer moulds for drying.

Machines Used in this Process: 

Pulp Pump, Egg Tray Making Machine, Vacuum Machine, Air Compressor, Mould Cleaner, Water Pump, etc..


3. Process of Drying Paper Egg Trays

Drying methods include: drying in the air (with sunlight), drying with a steel dryer, drying with a brick-kiln dryer.

Drying in the air is suitable for small production capacities and places with plenty sunlight.

Steel dryers and brick-kiln dryers are suitable for big production capacities, and fuel for drying paper egg trays can be natural gas, diesel, coal, wood, etc..


Process Flow of Making Paper Egg Trays with a Dryer

Models of Paper Egg Tray Machine

Model No.

Capacity (pcs/hour)

Drying Method



Sunlight Drying



Sunlight Drying

Brick Kiln Dryer

Steel Dryer



Sunlight Drying



Sunlight Drying

Brick Kiln Dryer

Steel Dryer



Brick Kiln Dryer

Steel Dryer



Brick Kiln Dryer

Steel Dryer



Brick Kiln Dryer

Steel Dryer



Brick Kiln Dryer

Steel Dryer



Brick Kiln Dryer

Steel Dryer

Photo of Raw Materials

Photo of 5000pcs/hour Automatic Paper Egg Tray Machine

Photo of Paper Pulp Egg Tray

Photo of Automatic Paper Egg Tray Machine with a Steel Dryer

Photo of Brick Kiln Dryer for Egg Tray Machine

Finished Products Made by Paper Egg Tray Machine

Zhengzhou Jiechang Machinery Co., Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise which integrates researching, manufacturing, market developing and services for Animal Feed Machine, Grain Processing Machine, Chicken Egg Tray Machine, etc..

If you want to know our egg tray machine price or egg tray making process, don't hesitate to contact us.

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