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4-7T/h Animal Feed Production Line

4-7T/h Animal Feed Production Line

1. Capacity 4-7T/H, can make pellet and powder both, pellet size 2-8mm, powder 30-50Mesh. 2. Running In Ethiopia, welcome for visis.

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4-7Tons/h Animal Feed Production Line

Successful case Live Plant Feed Processing Machine, animal feed pellet machine, chicken feed making machine

build In Thailand Capacity 4-7Tons Per hour, Use SZLH350, Main power 55kw

Detailed processes of chicken feed pellet mill line, poultry feed production line,chicken feed pellet making machine:

1. Raw materials receiving Process:

Raw materials can be corn, rice bran, soybean, grain, wheat, soybean meal / cake and etc. Precleaner can remove the impurities in raw materials.

2. Grinding Process:

The feed grinder can grind the raw material ingredients to the required size. There are various hammer mills which can satisfy different requirements.

3. Mixing Process:

Mixing is considered to be one of the essential operations in feed pellet processing. Lack of proper mixing may lead to reduced diet uniformity, affecting the feed pellet quality.

4. Pelletizing Process:

Feed pellet mill is the core equipment of the whole production line. According to different raw material, material formula and working condition, we can offer you different pellet mills.

5. Cooling Process:

The feed pellets pressed out by the feed pellet mill are hot and moist. They can't be crushed, screened or packed immediately. Counter-flow feed pellet cooler is designed to cool or dry the feed pellets. It can decrease the temperature and moisture of the feed pellets, preparing for the following processes.

6. Crushing Process:

Different poultry, livestock or aquatic feed pellets are with different sizes. Some big ones should be crushed into small ones. Roll type feed pellet crumbler is just the equipment for feed pellet crushing. Double-roll feed pellet crumbler is suitable for crushing poultry feed, such as chicken feed, duck feed and goose feed etc. Three-roll feed pellet crumbler is suitable to crush aquatic feed including fish feed and shrimp feed etc.

7. Screening, Grading and Packing Process:

The rotary grading sieve can be used to screen and grade the feed pellets. After processing, you can get the qualified feed pellets without fine powder.

Packing Process

The feed pellets should be packed for transporting, storing or selling.

8. Automatic PLC Control System(Customized):

With the automatic PLC control system, the production line is with high efficiency and convenient operation

Main Features

1.With two rollers inside, better for poultry feed making;
2.Manufacturing according to internationally advanced technology standard;
3.The quality matching with the European standard;
4.Gear driving system, with good transmission rate, stable and reliable performance and low noise;
5.The key components are imported to ensure longer service life and lower cost for maintenance;
6.Raw material contacting parts are made by stainless steel;
7.Widely used for pelleting the high-grade livestock and poultry feed.

Main Power
Feeder Power
Conditioner Power
Dia.of Ring Die
Pellet Size


This Plant capacity 4-7tons per hour, With Automatic Mixing and Dosing system, PLC Control

We provide the insatallation materials and tools, such as the steel frame. 

Two engineers from Our jiechang company was send, and customer side provide 8 workers, Installation time total 35days.

This plant designed for animal feed, such as chicken, cattle,  capacity 4-7tons Per hour. Cover area LWH=12*8*18.5meters

With Automatic Dosing and Mix system

The Flowchart of this 4-7Tons/h Animal feed Production Line


And also a semi automatic type capacity 4-7T/H, with some running plant in Ethiopia, Nigeria, Uganda, Sudan. welcome you go to visit.

Ring Die

1 Livestock feed:

φ2.0-2.5mm,equiped φ1.2-1.5mm screen hammer mill

φ3.0-3.5mm,equiped φ2.0-2.5mm screen hammer mill

φ4.0-5.0mm,equiped φ2.5-3.0mm screen hammer mill

φ6.0-8.0mm,equiped φ4.0-5.0mm screen hammer mill

2 Sinking Fish feed

φ1.0-3.0mm, equiped φ1.0-2.0mm screen hammer mill

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