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3000pcs/Hour Egg Tray Plant

3000pcs/Hour Egg Tray Plant

Egg Tray Production Line is used to make egg trays. The raw material is waste paper, like cartons, newspaper, books, etc.. The Production Capacity varies from 1000pcs up to 8000pcs per hour. It only requires water, paper, electricity for production. Egg trays can be dried naturally in the air or with a dryer. It is a green way for turning waste into money.

  • Overview

Paper Pulp Egg Tray Plant is used to make trays for chicken eggs.

The whole plant is consisted of below parts:

1. Pulping System: including Hydraulic Pulper, Pulp Pump, Pulp Pond Beater, Waste Water Pump, Pulp Conveying Pipe, Electricity Control Cabinet.

Making paper pulp is the first step for egg tray production.

In this process, waste paper is crushed in the Hydraulic Pulper, and after mixing the paper pulp for forming egg trays will be ready.

2. Forming System: including Molding Machine, Control Cabinet, Vacuum Pump, Air Compressor, Mould Cleaner, etc..

In this process, paper pulp made in the first step will be formed into egg trays.

3. Drying System: drying methods include natural drying in the air, steel-dryer drying and brick-dryer drying.

For natural drying in the air, only racks, shelves and enough land are needed.

For steel-dryer drying, a complete dryer is made by us, and the conveyer can be single-layer or multi-layer.

For brick-dryer drying, the conveyor is single-layer, and the client need prepare building materials like bricks and cement for building the brick tunnel.

Parameters of the Plant:

1. Raw Material: waste paper, cartons, etc.

2. Production Capacity: about 3000-4000pcs/hour

3. Total Power: about 90kw (actual consumption about 70%)

4. Workers: about 4-6

5. Paper Consumption: about 240-320kg per hour (80g/pcs)

6. Fuel: natural gas, diesel, or coal.

Egg Tray Production Process:

Photo for the Egg Tray Machine:

Photo for the Egg Tray machine with Steel Dryer:

Photo for Raw Material:

Photo for Egg Trays:

All Models:

Model No. Capacity/hour Mould Qty Drying Method
JCPT1000 800-1000pcs/h 3pcs Natural Drying in the Air
JCPT1500 1000-1500pcs/h 4pcs Natural Drying in the Air
JCPT2000 1800-2300pcs/h 12pcs Natural Drying in the Air
Brick Kiln or Metal Dryer
JCPT2500 2500-3000pcs/h 16pcs Brick Kiln or Metal Dryer
JCPT3000 3000-4000pcs/h 32pcs Brick Kiln or Metal Dryer
JCPT4000 4000-5000pcs/h 40pcs Brick Kiln or Metal Dryer
JCPT5000 5000-6000pcs/h 60pcs Brick Kiln or Metal Dryer
JCPT6000 6000-7000pcs/h 72pcs Brick Kiln or Metal Dryer

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