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PLC Control system

PLC Control system for animal feed making machine line

Motor Control Center (MCC)

MCC&CCP are in one set of eletrical cabinets.

1)MCC cabinets are placed in the HV power room of workshop. The technological process of feed plant consists of raw materials intake section, batching, fine grinding and mixing section, pelleting section and bagging section. The system is fitted with a master switch and all sections are fitted with branch switches, benefiting that sections of system are separated for equipment operation or maintenance.

2) Cabinet

Seal is used and each equipment is controlled separately. The cabinet is fitted with air switches, AC contactors, thermal relays, etc. It has features of dustproof, safety and convenient maintenance.

3)All circuits in the cabinet have functions of overload and short circuit protection and current monitoring. Star-delta voltage drop starting is adopted for higher power (over 30KW). Direct starting is adopted for lower power (below 15KW).


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