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Breaking and Screening Process in Pellet mill field

Generally, the Pellet mill plant consists of sieving work. The crushing work and sieving work compose the crushing stage. The crushing and sieving process includes total crushing stages (sometimes the ore washing work is included).

The basic crushing and sieving process in dressing plant is like the following picture:


Generally speaking, in Pellet mill plants and medium and small Milling plants, the two stage or three stage crushing and sieving process are usually used. The large Milling plants often use the three stage crushing and sieving process. Even in some large plants, the four stage crushing and Pellet  process is used for the raw ores have large size. The power consumption in ore pelleting and Grinding work is too large. In order to reduce the energy consumption and reduce the size of the final crushing products as much as possible, the principle of more crushing and less grinding should be guaranteed and the workload of each stage crusher should be balanced distribution.


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